Submitting your application:
Due to complications and delays with the Mexican postal system, we request that you e-mail your
as a Microsoft Word attachment to the above address.  Fees can be paid by check, ACH transfer
or credit card.  Contact us directly for details and instructions.

Applicants to The SIT TESOL Certificate Course will:

a) complete an application form
b) write a short essay (the topic will be provided with the application form)
c) complete an interview
A $50 application processing fee must be submitted with the application.  As a reservation in
the course is only guaranteed once a $500 deposit has been made, applicants may also
choose to send their course deposits with their application fee.  In the event that an applicant
is not accepted into the program, the $500 deposit will be returned.

Successful applicants will:

1) possess a high school diploma.
2) demonstrate interest in teaching ESOL at a level that a TESOL Certificate can
3) have a positive attitude regarding experiential activities and working in groups.
This means that they are not only willing to fully participate in such activities, but
also recognize the value in doing so.
4) demonstrate English language proficiency (TOEFL 550 non-native speakers*).
5) complete a short essay
6) upon receipt of the written application, essay, fee and deposit, a telephone
interview will be conducted by an SIT Trainer

Key factors for interview:

• educational background
• appropriateness of the course for the applicant's needs/goals
• attitude regarding experiential and collaborative learning
• language proficiency
*Non-native speakers of English are required to have a minimum TOEFL score of
550 (or the equivalent) as well as an informal oral interview.
Application Procedure
For application forms, please e-mail us at:
(416) 766-9201  (Canada)
                  (206) 973-7867  (United States)
        55-8421-9283    (Mexico)

Click here to download  Application Form
*Non-Native Speakers of English

Non-native speakers of English must demonstrate English language proficiency by way of the
application process (equivalent TOEFL 550 or IELTS band 6).
Note: Upon acceptance, it is not guaranteed that a non-native speaker will receive a
certificate. If it is judged by the trainers during the course that the participant's level of
English is not such as to be credible to intermediate and advanced level ESL/EFL students
and yet all other requirements are met, the participant may receive a
Letter of Learning in
lieu of the SIT TESOL Certificate.