TESOL Training Worldwide is a sole proprietorship teacher training and
consulting institution.  Gina Thurston is the director, sole proprietor and head
trainer of the organization.  TESOL Training Worldwide works in cooperation with
Ollin Tlahtoalli: Centro de Lenguas y Cultura Mexicana (formerly Instituto de
Comunicacion Intercultural), a non-profit organization, in order to offer the SIT
TESOL Certificate in Mexico.

TESOL Training Worldwide is under contract with The School for International
Training (SIT)  to provide the SIT TESOL Certificate Course.  

The School for International Training is accredited by the New England Association
of Schools and Colleges, Inc., a non-governmental, nationally recognized
organization in the United States.
 For more information about The School for
International Training, visit their website at  

All trainers are fully licensed by SIT to teach the SIT TESOL Certificate Course, and
each course is monitored and assessed by The School for International Training.
About TESOL Training Worldwide
Gina Thurston
Director and Teacher Trainer
Gina holds a Master of Arts in TESOL from the
School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont, a
Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of
Education from Queen's University in Ontario,
Canada.  Over the past 14 years, she has been
engaged in teaching English, teacher training and
program administration in Japan, the United States,
the Czech Republic, Canada and Mexico.  Areas of
particular professional interest include learner
development, teacher supervision and reflection.  
She has taught the SIT TESOL Certificate Course in
Vermont, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica.
At the Instituto de Comminicacion
Intercultural, Oaxaca, Mexico